Draft Mission Statement - Subject to change before adoption.


The purpose of The Association is to share the culture, history and common heritage of the O’Neill clans worldwide, and to preserve our collective heritage, emphasising principles of dignity, fairness, merit and a shared love of the total environment and countryside of Ireland in which the historical branches of the O’Neills resided. The Association shall support the conservation and preservation of  sites of historical interest to the O’Neills’ history, unite O’Neill clan members together in annual gatherings, within the setting of O’Neill lands, both foreign and domestic, maintain an archive of materials that relate to the O’Neills  and their ancestors, both in Ireland and abroad, and foster the skills of association members to reach out to those who may be unaware of the O’Neill family and its history. The Association shall endeavour to disseminate a renewed understanding of the part played by O’Neills in the history of Ireland. The Association  shall collaborate with on-going developments in understanding history including the findings of researchers in molecular genetics, which can clarify historical relationships among families. The Association  shall provide for a forum for those worldwide who share an interest and curiosity in their families’ origins, and relationships to various branches of the O’Neills. The Association shall rely on voluntary work for its Committees and Governing Body. The Association shall use the internet and its developing technologies to create a worldwide community of O’Neills.